Things I learned while developing Flutter GraphView widget with MultiChildRenderObject

Why not Custom Painter?

1. We pass our children in the constructor

GraphView({Key key, @required this.graph, @required this.algorithm, EdgeRenderer renderer})
: assert(graph != null),
assert(algorithm != null),
renderer = renderer ?? ArrowEdgeRenderer(),
super(key: key, children: _extractChildren(graph));

2. Laying out: Constraints go down. Sizes go up. Parent sets position

void performLayout() {
if (childCount == 0) {
size = constraints.biggest;

RenderBox child = firstChild;
int position = 0;
while (child != null) {
final NodeBoxData node = child.parentData as NodeBoxData;

child.layout(BoxConstraints.loose(constraints.biggest), parentUsesSize: true);
graph.getNodeAtPosition(position).size = child.size;

child = node.nextSibling;

size =, 10, 10);

child = firstChild;
position = 0;
while (child != null) {
final NodeBoxData node = child.parentData as NodeBoxData;

node.offset = graph.getNodeAtPosition(position).position;

child = node.nextSibling;
Tree Layout in Flutter GraphView

3. MarkNeedsLayout()

RenderCustomLayoutBox createRenderObject(BuildContext context) {
return RenderCustomLayoutBox(graph, algorithm, paint);

void updateRenderObject(BuildContext context, RenderCustomLayoutBox renderObject) {
..graph = graph
..algorithm = algorithm
..customPaint = paint;
Graph get graph => _graph;

set graph(Graph value) {
_graph = value;

4. Ensure that you offset the canvas

void paint(PaintingContext context, Offset offset) {
var paint = Paint()
..color =
..strokeWidth = 3 = PaintingStyle.stroke
..strokeCap = StrokeCap.butt;;
context.canvas.translate(offset.dx, offset.dy);

_renderer.render(context.canvas, graph, paint);


defaultPaint(context, offset);
Force Directed Graph in Flutter GraphView

5. Ensure hitTestChidren() is overridden

bool hitTestChildren(BoxHitTestResult result, {Offset position}) {
return defaultHitTestChildren(result, position: position);

Thats All.

  1. RepaintBoundary
  2. Should I use sliver?
  3. Animations inside MultiChildRenderObject




Lead Android Developer, Flutter Lover

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Nabil Mosharraf Hossain

Nabil Mosharraf Hossain

Lead Android Developer, Flutter Lover

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