I was looking for a way to show a custom animated indicator instead of the default spinner SwipeRefreshLayout from AndroidX.

So I utilised the animations from Lottie and created my own CustomSwipeRefreshLayout.

LottieSwipeRefreshLayout is a a custom SwipeRefreshLayout that shows a Lottie View on top instead. The main idea was…

Follow a standard coding style in android, it will be easier for you and also for others to understand your code easily.

We made this specifically for our organisation Greentech Apps Foundation

1. Package Structure

A feature based package structure:

  • Clearer feature dependency and interface boundaries.
  • Easier to understand the components that define the feature.
  • Reduces risk of unknowingly modifying unrelated or shared code.
  • Simpler navigation: most related classes will be in the one package.
A typical web application architecture

The Above is a typical way web apps are architected today.
The backend(api.example.com) is run on an entirely different machine and its API is exposed to be accessed by any type of frontend. We had our React frontend(app.example.com) whose development environment is built using webpack. …

Nabil Mosharraf Hossain

Lead Android Developer, Flutter Lover

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